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When you're local, the world's your market.

Step into a world where being local means being global. Break language barriers effortlessly with Zuni's instant translation solution. Communicate seamlessly, fostering connections that transcend borders and unlocking new business opportunities worldwide. Welcome to the future of global connectivity.

Localize in uno, dos, tres...

Say goodbye to time-consuming and error-prone manual translations. Zuni utilizes cutting-edge tech to provide instant, accurate, and contextually-aware translations. Experience the power of automation without compromising quality, enabling your business to operate seamlessly in a multilingual world.


Begin your localization journey by effortlessly uploading your file to the Zuni website. Clearly outline your translation preferences, and leave the rest to us.


Watch as your content is transformed with precision. Our translation machine works diligently to achieve 98% accuracy, while potential errors are flagged for manual review, ensuring the highest quality.

Skilled linguists will meticulously examine the translated content, making necessary corrections to any errors. Additionally, they will guarantee that the translation not only adheres to cultural sensitivities but also retains the essence and vibrancy of the game


Experience a swift transition from translation to implementation. Receive your string files, glossary, Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) results, and an insightful overview report—all meticulously crafted for a seamless integration into your game.



Witness the magic of continual improvement. Zuni's translation machine learns and evolves based on user feedback, guaranteeing enhanced future localizations. Your feedback matters, shaping the future of gaming localization.

Level Up Your Game with Zuni

Localize effortlessly without breaking the bank. Whether you're an indie game developer, a thriving gaming studio, or a global gaming enterprise, Zuni offers customized solutions to cater to your unique game localization requirements. Our expertise spans across genres, ensuring precise translations that capture the essence of your game and resonate with diverse player communities, transcending language and cultural nuances. Join the gaming revolution with Zuni, where every pixel speaks a universal language.

Ready to Optimize With Zuni's
Localization Solution?

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