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Globalize Your Game, Unleash Boundless Realms

Zuni expertly merges machine translation and expert linguists, ensuring your game content is not just translated, but fully localized to engage players worldwide.

Why Localize your game?

Unlock Global

Expand your game's horizons and captivate diverse gaming communities worldwide through strategic localization.

Boost Revenue Up to 300%

Ignite your financial success with up to a 300% revenue surge by tailoring your game to global audiences.

Elevate Player Engagement

Forge powerful connections by delivering a personalized gaming experience, speaking directly to your players' hearts.

Scale International Charts

Catapult your game to international stardom by infusing cultural resonance through precise localization

Compete Globally

Command attention in the competitive gaming arena by ensuring your game resonates with players across diverse cultural landscapes

Why Zuni? 

Carry1st - Game On, Africa! - A Zuni Success Story

Discover the behind-the-scenes of Carry1st's triumphant localization journey with Zuni. Dive into the details of how Zuni swiftly addressed challenges, delivering a cost-effective solution that saved time and resources.

Click to unveil the success story!


Carry1st, Africa's leading game production company, faced a significant challenge when planning to localize a premier mobile game from English into major African languages. Confronted with the exorbitant quotes from traditional localization firms, often reaching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, Carry1st was also under time pressure due to pre-set release dates, necessitating a swift yet effective localization solution


Zuni stepped into the problem and was able to deliver the localized version within a short time frame, with affordable cost, saving both time and money. 


"We used the product and we were provided with a cost effective solution for localization of African languages that are not typically localized for mobile games. 

The product offered was efficient and saved us a lot of time as well, proving to be a faster process than using a localization company”

Nomsa Mlambo, Game Production Executive (Carry 1st)




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